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Fair Life LCC Ambassador

As a Fair Life LCC Ambassador, I promote healthy lifestyle and lung cancer prevention awareness through my expeditions, talks and events. My direct involvement with the Fair Life team at the grassroot level has brought home the facts about lung cancer and preventive measures to thousands of people globally. I fully support Fair Life LCC in their endeavor to educate people about lung cancer and hopefully eradicate it to a large extent by introducing young and old into living a healthier lifestyle. Please join me to support this amazing enterprise - Life should take our breath away and not Lung Cancer


Outdoor Activity - 6-7 Nov 2021

A two days event was organized by Fair Life LCC at Trikala. Day 1 hosted a series talks by myself and fellow adventurers. On Day 2 we held simultaneous hiking, running and cycling activities where over 400 participated. At the same time the activities were being undertaken all over Greece by local chapters to support the Lung Cancer Awareness


Annual Rock Climbing Festival Meteora

During the Annual Rock Climbing Festival of Meteora on 20 September 2021, the Hellenic Federation of Climbing pledged its support to Fair Life LCC in raising awareness about lung cancer prevention

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